Teams designated “Limited Travel” have a travel schedule the includes regional tournaments, but does not include any national tournaments. Limited Travel teams come in two forms: (1) multiple LAVA locations house “limited travel” teams under their banner, with the team designation of ‘Red’ or ‘White’; and (2) the Locals Volleyball Club (also known as “LAVA Locals”) is LAVA’s only standalone location featuring only limited travel teams, based in the San Fernando Valley.

With multiple locations, the program offers opportunities for female athletes in many different areas to access and benefit from strong training with our excellent LAVA coaches, but without the financial commitment and/or time commitment that comes with playing upon one of our full travel teams.

# – Regional Tournaments … Regional tournaments are a series of events offered and operated by the SCVA (Southern California Volleyball Association), the governing body for club volleyball in Southern California. The SCVA competition season generally includes 8-10 individual one-day tournament events between January and early June, most commonly held in Anaheim or its surrounding communities. There are seven distinct age divisions for teams: 12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 16’s, 17’s & 18’s. For a complete schedule of SCVA tournament dates by age division, please click here to visit the SCVA’s schedule page.

# – National Tournaments … For more information on full travel teams and national travel tournaments, please click here to visit the our ‘What is Full Travel’ webpage.

Red teams, White teams, and LAVA Locals teams are limited travel teams and therefore only compete in regional tournaments. For a more in-depth list of Team Descriptions, including full travel team descriptions, please click here to visit the our ‘Team Descriptions’ webpage.

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