Teams designated “Full Travel Teams” at LAVA have a schedule the includes both regional tournaments and national tournaments. Athletes who participate on full travel teams have a significant commitment to and passion for the sport of volleyball — these athletes are looking for exemplary training and strong competitive play.

# – Regional Tournaments … Regional tournaments are a series of events offered and operated by the SCVA (Southern California Volleyball Association), the governing body for club volleyball in Southern California. The SCVA competition season generally includes 8-10 individual one-day tournament events between January and early June, most commonly held in Anaheim or its surrounding communities. There are seven distinct age divisions for teams: 12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 16’s, 17’s & 18’s. For a complete schedule of SCVA tournament dates by age division, please click here to visit the SCVA’s schedule page.

# – National Tournaments … National tournaments are any tournaments outside the SCVA’s regional competition schedule as explained above. National tournaments are generally multiple-day events, not part of the regional schedule and therefore open to club teams from across the country. Most are held out-of-state. There is one national tournament held annually in the spring at the Los Angeles Convention Center downtown. For a list of possible mid-season and year-end national travel tournaments, click here to visit the our ‘Tournaments’ webpage.

Not all full travel teams will travel the same amount. Some will travel extensively (3-4 national travel tournaments per year) while others will travel to a lesser degree (1-2 national travel tournaments per year). All teams will participate in the regional tournament schedule, but the amount of a given team’s national travel depends upon its location, age division, particular team goals, and overall competitiveness. For a list of Team Descriptions, including expected travel schedule, please click here to visit the our ‘Team Descriptions’ webpage.

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