Torrance “TG” Pearce

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Popular and respected Torrance Gray “TG” Pearce brings his unique brand of fiery enthusiasm, vociferous dialogue, and a full two decades to the table as Co-Head Coach of the immensely successful LAVA South 18-1’s, not to mention the Club Director for LAVA’s affiliate in Santa Monica, Vintage Beach Volleyball Club.
TG’s passion for coaching has taken him to great heights in both the club and high school coaching arenas; in the latter, he found sustained success over eleven years as Head Varsity Coach for Boys and Girls at Saint Monica’s High School, winning a combined 5 Del Rey League Titles and getting as deep as the Final Four in CIF. His extensive time in the club coaching trenches, first at Palisades Volleyball Club and more recently with the Sports Shack, has also seen TG compile an impressive laundry list of accomplishments, both within the Southern California region and beyond it.
While his experience includes multiple younger age groups, historically T.G. has made his biggest and best marks in the 17’s and 18’s divisions. He notched three straight Top Five finishes at the year-end Volleyball Festival from 2005-2007, before taking the Junior Nationals (JO’s) by storm beginning in 2008 with a Top Ten 17’s Open Division finish. He has earned Top Ten finishes at myriad other prestigious national tournaments, including the SCVA Junior National Qualifier, the Far Western Qualifier, and the Las Vegas Classic, but his Gold Medal (at Far Westerns in 2011) and Silver Medal (at Junior Nationals in Miami in 2009) certainly take the cake. In recent years his 17’s teams have finished their seasons ranked among the best teams nationally in that age division.
In SCVA competition, TG is no stranger to Division I, having competed with his 17’s team at that high level in three consecutive seasons beginning in 2009, finishing as high as 16th overall in 2010. As Co-Head Coach of the LAVA South 18-1′s in 2013, TG guided the squad—along with his long-time cohort Scott Collins, who together have one of the finest reputations amongst area players and parents—to a Top 10 finish in the 18 Open Division at the AAU Championships in Orlando, Florida, proving why they are two of LAVA Girls most successful coaches, and an excellent choice to take the reins of LAVA South’s top team.

LAVA South 18-1’s
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