– Early Shape (priorto contact with passer) & Early Hands/Draw (especially for balls within 15feet – – – run with hands UP. 
– Upright posture(shoulders slightly behind knees).
– Thumbs pointedtowards eye balls and 6 inches MAX. from forehead.
– Contact ball closeto forehead (6 inches).
– Left-right.
– Ball behind the setter … Lefty Quarterback move. – Spin off the leftand spin off the right w/ jump or W/O a jump).
– Kick knee to chest.
– Push through the ball (back spin momentum onball).
– Contact point on top of forehead (6 inches  MAX).
– Torso straight, tall, and upright (ball, forehead,hips, in straight line).
– Left, right, left, right footwork patterns.
– Elbow drive and NOT wrists.
– Left pivot on balls in the right side of thecourt and right pivot on balls in the left side of the court.
– Read the Direction/Speed/Height of the ball(off the passer’s platform);
– Proper footwork off the net and jumpset (upright posture) as opposed to jump to set;The setter has to go up in the air vertically and not horizontally;
– Jump Set as often as possible (shorten distanceof set)
– Place the set in between the middle’sshoulders.
– The (*) Star Effect…..you don’t know what it is….simply ask.
– Spin off the left…I like that move when setting the quick OOS.
– Control the offense with your middles and win with your pins. – The plan: (1) Who is hot?; (2) Matchups: (3) ATF or Short/Quick Sets; (4) Deception.  – SETTING CONCEPTS – Complimentary vs. The Show; – Understand thehitters needs – Adjust the sets (GOs, REDs, Etc.); – What to demandvs. how to demand – Ease the hitters burden when appropriate (Ball out, etc.); – Take BLAME ifconfidence is LOW; – Demand MORE ifconfidence is HIGH; – Deliverconsistent HITTABLE sets; and – Spend more timeon what you struggle with (i.e. Against the flow, etc.). – Build up yourplayers constantly in practice as long as the effort is there.