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While most of the learning and improvement for players happens on the court, we have this page dedicated to player improvement through study.

“The best kind of governance is self-governance.
Do your job, do not wait for others to do it for you. You know best
yourself and your goals.” — Unknown

Player Guide 2014 . . . LAVA Girls presents the third edition of the Guide for Players. Our 2014 version is available for download; click on the cover icon in the box to the right, which will take you to the password protected download page. We hope you enjoy the read! ————–>

Reaching Your Peak . . . It’s our belief that all athletes know intrinsically—in terms of mentality and work ethic, physicality and talent aside—what must be done to reach their own personal level of peak performance. Some choose not to do those things, others might want to but lack the necessary knowledge or guidance.

The sports world is littered with supremely talented players who coast by on talent alone, either with poor attitudes or poor work ethics, or both; these players will never ascend to heights granted them by virtue of their gifts. Conversely, we often see players will solid, if unspectacular skill-sets achieve remarkable feats and touch the highest of heights, simply because they did all those little things—difficult or otherwise—to set themselves apart from the rest.

Whether your own particular level of talent is high or low, experienced or beginner, old or young, your goal should always be to strive to be the best player you can possibly be, to ascend the heights afforded you—to reach your peak as an athlete.

Player Guide 2014

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