Nigel Dookhoo is one of LAVA’s longest-tenured coaches having coached in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas for more than two decades. After his playing days at Santa Monica College and the University of California Los Angeles were complete, Nigel transitioned to coaching and found success right away as an Assistant Coach with Harvard-Westlake School, which at the time was a perennial powerhouse winning League, CIF, and State Championships. As Head Coach, Nigel revitalized the girls varsity programs at Hamilton High School and also at Oakwood High School, as well as spent time as the Head Coach for Harvard-Westlake Boys. Nigel’s club experience also spans decades; as the long-time 14-Adidas coach for LAVA South and its precursor SMBC Girls, Nigel coached a consistent string of Division One teams and found great success on a national stage with multiple Sweet 16 finishes at the then-powerful Volleyball Festival Nationals Championships. In recent years Nigel has coached club teams in the 15’s, 16’s, 17’s, adn 18’s divisions, often moving up with his teams from year-to-year at the request of the athletes and parents. Nigel returns once again to coach for LAVA South this coming club season.