The Mardico Coaching Education Company is an affiliate of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy. The Director of Mardico is Nabil Mardini, a principal member of LAVA and one of the most decorated two-year college coaches in the country. Mardico offers coaching clinics, player clinics, and/or a combination of the two in a variety of forms. The willingness to share and receive information and new ideas is vital in any field, and significantly valuable, and at Mardico, we have knowledge and want to share as much of our accumulated knowledge as possible with coaches across our region, and beyond.

Nabil was born and raised in his home country of Lebanon, where for more than 150 years the men of the Mardini family have all named their businesses the same thing, regardless the industry, to honor the family and its history: Mardico. When the time came to create an affiliate of LAVA designed to encourage the education of coaches — with Nabil at its head — the choice was an obvious one, and the Mardico Coaching Education Company was born. Nabil is considered one of the finest volleyball minds in the region, if not the country — please click here to read the full Nabil bio on the website — but one of his passions truly lies in his desire to train and educate coaches. Mardico was born largely of this special and unique desire, as Nabil strives tirelessly to grow the coaching skill-set and mentality of any and all those coaches around him. He has run coaches clinics for many years for LAVA coaches, not to mention the LA84, AVCA, Up Only, and Art of Coaching organizations, plus a handful of specialized coaching and player clinics from Washington to Florida, and many places between. His inimitable skills give him the excellent ability to connect with coaches, break down techniques, and offer up insights into building, sustaining, and improving programs, and teaching athletes.

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