The Los Angeles Volleyball Academy is known for its fantastic array of renowned coaches. We have compiled an extraordinary coaching staff with more than 30 different high school and college coaching staffs represented. We are very proud of our coaching staff!

*Assignments below are for the 2017-2018 season, with all assignments tentative and subject to change prior to tryouts.*


North 18-Adidas
Head – Clay Timmons
Asst – Nate Sparks

North 18-Black
Head – Nate Sparks
Asst – Brittani Elser

North 17-Adidas
Co-Head – Kristin Dolan
Co-Head – Ebony Bolden

North 16-Adidas
Head – Mary Irilian
Asst – Sia Irilian

North 16-Black
Head – Zach Ambrose
Asst – Morgan Ferguson

North 16-Gray
Head – Eric Luckenbach
Asst – Hannah Nua

North 15-Adidas
Head – Nate Sparks
Asst – Caroline Page

North 15-Black
Head – Loy Mueller
Asst – Brianne Beeman

North 15-Red
Head – Serena Leduff
Asst – Kaitlin Ryner

North 14-Adidas
Head – Sia Irilian
Asst – Brianne Beeman

North 14-Black
Head – Cory Nua
Asst – Dionicia Colon-Mateo

North 13-Adidas
Head – Brian Ingino
Asst – Brittani Elser

North 12-Adidas
Head – Ray Sanchez
Asst – Leah Konigsberg


South 18-Adidas
Head – Nigel Dookhoo
Asst – Jeff Porter

South 17-Adidas
Head – Ryan Duncan
Asst – Paige McFerren

South 16-Adidas
Head – Erick Beck
Asst – Karl Rojo

South 15-Adidas
Head – Cris Matochi
Co-Head – Shari Volpis

South 14-Adidas
Head – Sheldon Sheehy
Asst – Sage McClain

South 14-Black
Head – Barndon McLaughlin
Asst – Alexis Clay

South 13-Adidas
Head – Ryan Duncan
Asst – Paige McFerren

South 13-Black
Head – Nicole Brouillard
Asst – Sage McClain

South 12-Adidas
Head – Cris Matochi
Asst – Catarina Emerson

South 12-Red
Head – Nicole Brouillard
Asst – Erick Beck


West 17-Adidas
Head – Sheldon Sheehy
Asst – Laura Walter

West 16-Adidas
Head – Trevor Julian
Asst – Georgia Mitchell

West 16-Black
Head – Makinna Hibbard
Asst – Courtney Birkett

West 15-Adidas
Head – Dhiraj Coats
Asst – Robert Haar

West 15-Black
Head – Todd Freyder
Asst – Makinna Hibbard

West 14-Adidas
Co-Head – Carlos Gray
Co-Head – Hunter Horn

West 14-Platinum
Head – Eric Taylor
Asst – John Peachey

West 14-Red
Head – Amanda Soper
Asst – Mark Beltran

West 13-Adidas
Head – Trevor Julian
Asst – Tricia McKenna

West 13-Black
Head – Scott Christopher
Asst – Todd Freyder

West 12-Adidas
Head – Georgia Mitchell
Asst – Crystal Dimond

West 12-Black
Head – Michelle Bamford
Asst – Lauren Collins

West 12-Red
Head – Kristen Casillas
Asst – Mario Casillas


Shack 16-Adidas
Co-Head – Catarina Emerson
Co-Head – Tomas Salava

Shack 14-Black
Head – Joshua Marbach
Asst – Sergio Lira

Shack 13-Black
Head – Dennis Marlow
Asst – Brianna Smith

Shack 12-Black
Head – Tomas Salava
Asst – Kelly McClain


Islands Floating Coach
Head – Maurice “Shima” Shimabuku

Islands 16-Gray
Head – Anastacio Mosones
Asst – Mike Arnold

Islands 14-Gray
Head – TBD
Asst – TBD