The Los Angeles Volleyball Academy is known for its fantastic array of renowned coaches. We have compiled an extraordinary coaching staff with more than 30 different high school and college coaching staffs represented. We are very proud of our coaching staff!

*Assignments below are for the 2016-2017 season, with all assignments tentative and subject to change prior to tryouts.*
*Official team names include LAVA (ex: LAVA North 15-Adidas)*


North 18-Adidas
Head – Clay Timmons
Asst – Nate Sparks

North 17-Adidas
Head – Kristin Dolan
Asst – Ebony Tidwell

North 17-Black
Head – Brian Ingino
Asst – Amanda Plante

North 16-Adidas
Head – Mary Irilian
Asst – Sia Irilian

North 16-Black
Head – Zach Ambrose
Asst – Loy Mueller

North 16-Gray
Head – Eric Luckenbach
Asst – Montana Sheppard

North 15-Adidas
Head – Ray Sanchez
Asst – Hayley Alvarez

North 15-Black
Head – Nate Sparks
Asst – Cory Nua

North 15-Red
Head – Erick Beck
Asst – Loy Mueller

North 14-Adidas
Head – Sia Irilian
Asst – Brittani Elser

North 14-Black
Head – Jennifer Nua
Asst – Sam Holcombe

North 14-Red
Head – Erick Beck

North 13-Adidas
Head – Lisa Hooper
Asst – Alize Bricot

North 12-Adidas
Head – Brittani Elser
Asst – Brianne Beeman


South 18-Black
Head – Nigel Dookhoo
Asst – Milena Popovic

South 17-Adidas
Co-Head – Torrance “TG” Pearce
Co-Head – Reanna Hill

South 16-Adidas
Head – Adam Black
Asst – Julianna Hicks

South 16-Black
Head – Ryan Duncan
Asst – Paige McFerren

South 16-Gray
Head – Shari Volpis
Asst – Peyton Moyles
Asst – Kammi Lovick
Asst – Chad Monk

South 15-Adidas
Head – Kyle Luongo
Asst – Bill Schnobrich

South 15-Black
Head – Sheldon Sheehy
Asst – Karl Rojo

South 14-Adidas
Head – Robe Roberson
Asst – Christine Yangson

South 14-Black
Head – Ryan Duncan
Asst – Dionicia Colon-Mateo

South 13-Adidas
Head – Julianna Hicks
Asst – Chaniece Penn

South 13-Black
Head – Danetta Boykins
Asst – Sammie Sullivan

South 12-Adidas
Head – Jon Souisa
Asst – Peyton Moyles

South 12-Black
Head – Nicole Brouillard
Asst – Dave Denham
Asst – Sage McClain

South 11-Adidas
Head – Chaniece Penn
Asst – Shanon Volpis


West 18-Adidas
Head – Trevor Julian
Asst – Sheldon Sheehy

West 18-Black
Head – Scott Christopher
Asst – Amanda Soper

West 16-Adidas
Head – Trevor Julian
Asst – Sabine Stork

West 16-Black
Head – Cris Matochi
Asst – Tony Zapata

West 16-Red
Head – Eric Taylor
Asst – Leah Konigsberg

West 15-Adidas
Head – Cris Matochi
Asst – Laura Walter

West 15-Black
Head – Eric Taylor
Asst – Courtney Birkett

West 15-Red
Head – Makinna Hibbard
Asst – Bailey Butts

West 14-Adidas
Head – Dhiraj Coats
Asst – Robert Haar

West 14-Black
Co-Head – Todd Freyder
Co-Head – Makinna Hibbard

West 14-Red
Head – Rachel Gam
Asst – Leah Konigsberg

West 13-Adidas
Head – Scott Christopher
Asst – Todd Freyder

West 13-Red
Head – Eric Taylor
Asst – Tony Zapata
Asst – Bailey Butts
Asst – Courtney Birkett

West 12-Adidas
Head – Georgia Mitchell
Asst – Crystal Dimond

West 12-Black
Head – Amanda Soper
Asst – Patricia McKenna

West 12-Red
Head – Kristen Casillas
Asst – Mario Casillas

West 12-White
Head – Emma Rommelfanger
Asst – Kristen Casillas


Shack 16-Adidas
Head – Tomas Salava
Asst – Sergio Lira

Shack 15-Adidas
Head – Sinjin Smith
Asst – Amanda Andersen

Shack 15-Black
Head – Josh Marbach
Asst – Catarina Emerson

Shack 14-Adidas
Head – Tomas Salava
Asst – Sergio Lira

Shack 14-Black
Head – Amanda Andersen

Shack 12-Adidas
Head – Dennis Marlow
Asst – Catarina Emerson


Islands Floating Coach
Head – Maurice “Shima” Shimabuku

Islands 15-Adidas
Head – Junior Mosones
Asst – Mike Arnold

Islands 12-Lite
Head – Mandy Rodriguez
Asst – Paris Dosch


Pasadena 18-Red
Head – Ashlee DiSalvo

Pasadena 16-Red
Head – Karl Rojo

Pasadena 15-Red
Head – Cynthia Giron

Pasadena 14-Red
Head – Kayla Howell


Locals 16-Red
Head – Lindsey Schantz

Locals 16-White
Head – Josh Marbach

Locals 14-Red
Head – Josh Augur