The Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA) is a premier youth and junior volleyball organization based in Southern California. The program is the combined effort of multiple distinct locations working in tandem with one another and boasts collectively more than 70 teams and 750 competitive athletes. The Club Director of the LAVA collective is Nabil Mardini with Assistant Director Trevor Julian, both founding members of LAVA as a whole.

LAVA SHACK (WEST LOS ANGELES, CA) — Shack enters its second season under the LAVA banner in 2017. Our LAVA affiliate serving West Los Angeles and its adjacent communities, LAVA Shack marked the coming together of three excellent organizations when the renowned and successful Sports Shack Volleyball Club, the popular Crescent Indoor VBC, and LAVA itself joined forces to create LAVA Shack. LAVA Shack is based out of Westside gym facilities at Marymount High School, St Monica’s HS, Crossroads HS, and Notre Dame Academy. The Club Director of LAVA Shack is legendary beach and indoor volleyball figure Sinjin Smith as LAVA Shack Club Director with assistance from Assistant Director Dennis Marlow and LAVA’s Affiliate Liaison Teri Lavo, under the guidance of LAVA Co-Founders Nabil Mardini and Trevor Julian.


Club Tryouts for the 2017-2018 club season (click here for more info) will open on August 12 for the 15’s-16’s age groups and on October 07 for the 11’s-14’s age groups. LAVA Shack will house full travel teams and limited travel teams. What is Full Travel? Click here. Have interest or want more information? Please contact our staff.


What is non-travel? Non-travel programs are skills training and development programs with no competitive travel component. These programs tend to be session-based (a certain number of weeks) and seasonal (one session per season), not team-based with a variety of programs available for youth and junior athletes from grades 03-09.

# – Lava Lite … Youth Skills Training … For 3rd-5th Graders
# – Lite Plus … Advanced Youth Training … For 5th-6th Graders

Registration and payment for non-travel programs is accomplished online. Online forms for the above listed programs are available via the links provided above.

LAVA Shack adheres to a training regimen crafted by the LAVA principals, designed to help our coaches train their athletes to become the best players they can be. Our coaches are committed and knowledgeable, and our program includes multiple offerings with options for all ages and skill levels, including full travel teams, limited travel teams, and non-travel and skills development programs. Our youth skills program for 3rd-5th graders, also known as LAVA Lite @ LAVA Shack, and our advanced youth program for 5th-6th graders, also know as Lite Plus @ LAVA Shack, run over four seasonal sessions — Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall — with 6-12 practices per session (depending on season) at total cost of ranging from $125-$195. All this, in addition to LAVA Shack competitive travel teams for ages 11-18.

For more information on LAVA Shack, our travel teams or non-travel programs, or the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy as a whole, please contact our staff.


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