The Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA) is an affiliation of volleyball clubs based in Southern California, and has quickly developed into one of the premier junior athletic organizations in the country. LAVA’s affiliates — all unique, but all dedicated to LAVA’s overarching mission statement of Volleyball Done Differently, which drives us to do boldly, differently, and better in every single aspect of our enterprise — combine for more than 80 teams and 800 athletes.

LAVA Girls is LAVA’s flagship family of affiliate clubs, the first to bear the LAVA name. With its LAVA North (Santa Clarita), LAVA South (Studio City), and LAVA West (Thousand Oaks) locations, collectively more than forty-five teams, LAVA Girls is one of the largest clubs in Southern California, and one of the most respected. The Director of the LAVA Girls collective is Nabil Mardini with Assistant Director Trevor Julian, both Founding Members of the Academy itself.


. . . Servicing Santa Clarita, LAVA North houses an impressive, exciting collection of Santa Clarita coaching and athletic talent. The flourishing program fields quality teams year-in and year-out, with top “1’s” teams competing in the Gold Division of the Southern California Volleyball Association Power League for their respective age groups. The North reputation is also growing on a national scale — several North teams have competed in recent years at the Junior National Championships in Minneapolis. Our coaching staff features some of the most successful and recognizable coaches working in club volleyball today, including four of the six local Head Girls Varsity Coaches — Saugus, Valencia, Hart, and Canyon — plus myriad other high school and collegiate head or assistant coaches. Based out of its own home facility, LAVA North fields fourteen teams annually across the seven distinct age groups of the SCVA. The Division Director for LAVA North is Kristin Dolan with Mary Keen as Division Manager. Click here to visit the home page of LAVA North.


. . . Based out of Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, LAVA South teams are considered some of the finest collections of coaching and athletic talent in the SCVA region. South teams are consistent performers at the highest levels in the region, with top “Adidas” teams often competing in Division One of the Southern California Volleyball Association Power League for their respective age groups. LAVA South is also recognized nationally as a strong and flourishing program, with myriad excellent finishes at national travel tournaments. Our LAVA South staff features an excellent mix of experienced new faces and popular, recognizable, returning coaches — and success is built into their very tin and timber. The program fields fifteen teams annually across the seven age divisions of the SCVA, not to mention a staff of experienced coaches some thirty strong. Founding Member Nabil Mardini oversees LAVA South directly as Division Director. Click here to visit the home page of LAVA South.


. . . LAVA West is a program on the cusp of greatness after multiple seasons full of successes across the spectrum of age divisions. The West seeks to bring about a change in the culture of an area stretching from Woodland Hills to Santa Barbara, which has the raw athletic talent to find club volleyball success on a national scale but has never had the sustained quality coaching and training required to reach it — nor the understanding of what kind of work and sacrifice it takes to be competitive at the highest levels (until now). LAVA West has earned multiple gold and bronze medals in national competition plus a significant number of qualification bids to Junior Nationals in recent years, but more importantly LAVA West has compiled one of the most phenomenal group of coaches you are likely find anywhere in the region with exciting new faces brought in to complement an existing staff that features some of the finest coaches working today, not to mention a few of the most successful, recognizable, and popular coaches in club volleyball. Based in Thousand Oaks, LAVA West fields fourteen teams annually across the seven age divisions of the SCVA. The Division Director for LAVA West is Trevor Julian with Robert Haar as Division Manager. Click here to visit the home page of LAVA West.

Our LAVA Girls training structure is one of the best in the business. Our coaches adhere to a regimen crafted by our club directors, bolstered by our LAVA Coaching Guide complete with drills, technical guidelines, feedback key words and vocabulary, age-specific training philosophies, and myriad other coaching supplements designed to improve the overall knowledge and skill-set of each and every LAVA Girls coach. Our coaches also appreciate the flexibility our structure provides — while there is an overall framework in place to guide them, the framework allows each coach to bring major elements of their own personality and style into play, allowing for the use of their own particular strengths and their own particular passions. It for this reason, perhaps more any other, that our coaches return to us year-to-year at an extraordinary rate, giving our program an unmatched foundation.

LAVA Girls has been thoughtfully and comprehensively designed to provide our players with top-tier training and instruction, challenging competition, encouragement, and an overall winning athletic experience, while at the same time offering our parents an efficient administration, open lines of communication, an excellent familial environment that cares about its players, and an organization dedicated to providing tangible value for every dollar spent. We have experienced tremendous success with this approach and deeply believe in its each and every element, and the value and significance of realizing it year after year.

LAVA Girls is one of the biggest and most competitive clubs in the Southern California region — and entirely subscribed to the LAVA’s overarching mission of Volleyball Done Differently. We hope you choose to join us and we look forward to seeing you in the gym!