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# – SUMMER PROGRAMS NOW ONLINE … Online registration for the slate of Summer Programs offered by LAVA is now active. Click here to sign up today and we’ll see you in the gym!

# – LAVA North 17 Adidas … won a Silver Medal at the 17’s Junior National Championships in Minneapolis in July 2017!
# – LAVA West 12 Adidas … won a Bronze Medal at the 12’s JVA West Coast Cup in Long Beach in May !
# – LAVA South 14 Adidas … also won a Bronze Medal at the 14’s JVA West Coast Cup!
# – LAVA West 16 Adidas … won a Bronze Medal at the MidEast JNQ in Indianapolis in March.
# – LAVA West 18 Adidas … won the Gold Medal at the USA Volleyball 18’s Junior Nationals Championships in Dallas in April 2017.

# – LAVA West 16 Adidas … finished the year ranked #3 overall in the SCVA for 16’s! LAVA West 18 Adidas … finished the year ranked #5 overall in the SCVA for 18’s!

# – Exciting News — LAVA Girls will be offering strength and conditioning programs for LAVA South and LAVA West at Dig Cycle. Click here to find out more.




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. : Core Values of LAVA Girls : .

Core Value #01 – Integrity … Nothing is more important than the sanctity of one’s integrity as our coaches teach skills, teach teamwork, treat people fairly, answer questions honestly, and strive to do better in everything we do. >>>

Core Value #02 – Competition … The fundamental element of sports is competition. We train and develop our athletes, guide and grow their skills, and seek to foster within them a true and genuine sense of athletic competitiveness. >>>

Core Value #03 – Passion … It is said nothing great in the world is accomplished without passion. Our LAVA girls play together, play for each other, come to play, and play to win … but above all, play with passion. >>>

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. : About LAVA : .

Volleyball Done Differently … The Mission Statement of LAVA is succinctly and best summer up with the phrase, which means we will strive to do differently, to do better, in every conceivable aspect of our enterprise. >>>

The LAVA Foundation … Our 501-C3 non-profit arm exists to benefit families and athletes in need of assistance, funded entirely by community charitable donations and the fundraising efforts of our committed families and staff. >>>

Honoring Others … LAVA salutes and recognizes a few of the special individuals who made a difference in the lives of our directors … and helped put them on the path toward what would one day become LAVA. >>>